App Development


We at ourweb.net can develop your mobile App for IOS and Android. We have a way to program a App using Xamarin/C#. This will allow us to write one App that will run on IOS and Android. We have a couple Apps in the APP Store. Look for “Real Fishing Derby” on the APP Store.

We can write all kinds of APPS including:

  1. Stand Alone APP
  2. Data Base APP (on device )
  3. Data Base APP with a server back end with a website and a API
  4. Website to mobile APP (We can make a native APP from your website)

Stand Alone APP

Stand Alone APP would be like a game or something like a level APP or a camera APP.

Data Base APP (on device)

Data Base APP would be like a to do list or a grocery list. Any APP that needs a personal Data Base

Data Base APP with a server back end

This kind of APP is a multi-user APP It will allow people to have access to a Data Base. We have program a APP for a customer on Cape Cod that sells their Chowder in Super Markets in New England. This APP allows users to enter their zip code and find super markets in their area, where product is available.

  • Windows Server with MSSQL this is the most easiest system to set up, however it is the least secure.
  • Linux Server with MYSQL this is more secure than windows, however it is more complicated to program than windows.
  • AWS this is a cloud base system, it can run windows or Linux. You need to set up your own AWS account and we can configure it for you.

Website To Mobile APP

We can take your website and turn it into a Mobile APP, so you can put it on the APP store. We specialize in wordpress sites and blogger sites, we dont only make the site appear in a web browser but a native APP where you dont know the APP is a website. There is a APP on the APP store named “Worcester County Menu” this APP will allow you to find resturants in your area with the kind cuisine you are looking for.


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